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From the very beginning GTP has been developed hand in hand with our clients, focusing on their needs. Helpful suggestions from clients are implemented for all clients promptly and updates are supplied free of charge.

An overview of some features of GTP follows:


Quick adjustment of existing tasks is easily done by simple mouse movement. Overlapping tasks are automatically resolved by mouse click. Changes in status are coloured as desired to allow for an even better overview.


GTP is available in English, German, French and Czech. Soon, Spanish, Polish and Italian versions will follow.


Filter functions may be utilised individually with just one click. For example, turnover may be entered in your orders and a filter may be added from a certain limit to ascertain the most lucrative clients. The staff resource levelling diagram shows you when you have reached which capacity.


Export into HTML or as graphic format (e.g. JPEG,GIF,etc.) e.g. for PDA’s
Import and export of Microsoft-Excel® data.